The New High Tor

The History

We’ve been working on High Tor for some time and it’s had a very limited release so far. The beer appeared at Rail Ale 2017 and less than 120 bottles have been sent out this year. We’ve just finished our first full batch and we’re ready to roll it out as a regular offering.

High Tor, Beer with Altitude

High Tor was born from a new found love of Columbus hops. This high-alpha US hop is generally used as a bittering hop, however we’ve found it adds a great orange marmalade flavour to beers when used as an aroma hop. Infact, Columbus is the only hop used for bittering, flavouring and aroma in this beer.

The recipe uses a more robust malt bill than our other pale ales, with plenty of Munich, Cara and Crystal to deepen the colour and add biscuit and caramel flavour.

Formerly a 4.8% beer, we’ve reduced this to a more “session-able” 4.0% ale.

“Beer with Altitude”