Gluten Information

We are required to list allergens including any gluten containing grains on our labels to comply with regulations. We use processing aids during the brewing process to reduce gluten to below the 20ppm threshold. We describe our beers as gluten reduced and use Brewers Clarex (sometimes called Brewers Clarity) to enable us to do so.

We regularly have our beers tested at a UKAS accredited lab to ensure that there is consistency in our production process however, we will only label beer as Gluten Free if it has been tested and certified.

Brewers Clarity contains a highly specific fungal endopeptidase enzyme. This enzyme only cleaves haze sensitive polypeptides at the carboxyl end of the amino acid proline. It’s also the enzyme used to produce most of the gluten reduced beers you see on the market today. Brewers Clarity can be used with all kinds of malts and other raw materials. The product is added to cooled wort at the beginning of fermentation. (Source: Murphy and Son)

Please feel free to contact us about the process and our use of Brewers Clarex should you want further information.