Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

General Use

  • Data sent to us using the online contact form is only used to answer anything raised using the enquiry form.
  • We do not and will not pass on personal data of users of this website to any third party.
  • Our payment gateway for the online shop uses Paypal for processing payment associated with an order and we refer you to Paypal’s own Privacy Policy in relation to our mechanism for processing payments.

This site delivers cookies to assist the browsing experience.  We may collect your IP address to discover the amount of traffic visiting the site and the location of visitors merely to seek to learn where visitors are from, how often they hit the site and for no other reason.

Data may be kept for a period of up to 7 years from the date it is submitted by you, but will not be passed to third parties other than the payment gateway specified above, to process payment for an online order.

Shop Use

  • We only collect personal data with respect to orders to fulfil the order through to delivery.
  • We hold information relating to you if you choose to make an account.
  • Personal data will not be passed or sold to third parties other than to Paypal for processing payment for goods purchased by you.
  • We will delete your account upon request. After deletion we no longer have access to your personal data.
  • Inactive accounts will be deleted after 3 years.
  • Your personal data will be removed from invoices one year after completion of your order.